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The ISPP promotes the world-wide development of plant pathology and the dissemination of knowledge about plant diseases and plant health management.


The ISPP (founded in 1968) is a member of the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS), the International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS), in liaison with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).


The general objective of the ISPP is being achieved by:

  • Sponsoring an International Congress of Plant Pathology, at intervals of 5 years, and sponsoring other international meetings on plant pathology and related subjects
  • Initiating and maintaining international cooperation; establishing committees to consider and report on special fields or problems in plant pathology; using other means as approved by Council

Constituent bodies of the ISPP

ISPP Fellows

Elected by Council on 20 August 1988 in Kyoto

  • Arthur Kelman dec.
  • RKS Wood

Elected by Council on 14 August 1998 in Edinburgh

  • Johannes Dekker dec.
  • Chiu Wei Fan dec.

Elected by Council on 26 August 2008 in Torino

  • Chuji Hiruki
  • Wenhua Tang
  • Peter Scott
  • Brian Deverall dec.
  • James Cook
  • Charles Delp

Elected by Council on 27 August 2013 in Beijing

  • Richard Falloon 
  • Richard Strange 
  • Yaacov Katan  


Consists of the Executive Committee and Councillors nominated by Associated Societies (or by nominating bodies in countries with no society of plant pathology) in proportion to the size of their membership.

International Newsletter on Plant Pathology

An official publication of the Society, to inform members of the Society, and others, of the activities of the Society and of related matters.
An archive of the Newsletter covering issues published from February 1998 are available on this website.


  • Individual membership is open to persons involved or interested in plant pathology. Applications should be addressed to the  Secretary-General
  • The fee of $16 US is payable annually to the Treasurer.