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Congress Bids
Election of the 2018-2023 Executive Committee of the International Society for Plant Pathology (ISPP)

You are invited to contribute to the democratic process of election of the 2018-2023 ISPP Executive Committee.

This important process happens once every 5 years.  

In accordance with the Rules of Procedure of ISPP, the current Executive has formed a Nomination Committee. Its function is to invite, from ISPP's national and other associated Societies, proposals for nominees for election to the 2018-2023 ISPP Executive Committee. From the nominees received, the Nomination Committee selects two candidates for each office (President, Vice-President, Secretary-General and Treasurer). Election then proceeds by ballot of ISPP Councilors.  

ISPP Statutes place emphasis on geographical diversity in this process. The Executive Committee has therefore appointed the Nomination Committee members to represent different regions of the world. The members of the Nomination Committee have also been chosen as highly respected plant pathologists.  

In considering potential nominees, please consult with them, and consider carefully the time commitments and responsibilities involved with the respective positions. Short-listed nominees for the ISPP Executive will be asked to write a short summary of their background and how they might serve in the position for which they have been nominated. Nominees should also be willing and aware of their responsibilities to ISPP and Associated Societies in fulfilling the duties of the positions, including participation at ICPP in 2018 (Boston, USA) and 2023 (Lyon, France) and being able to commit 70 to 150 h per year for ISPP Executive service. Nominators and potential nominees should view information on the ISPP (, and consider the duties and responsibilities of the Executive as outlined in the ISPP statutes and rules of procedure:  

YOU ARE NOW INVITED TO PROPOSE NOMINEES for consideration by the Nomination Committee. If you are a representative (for example a current or past ISPP Councilor, ISPP Society Board or Executive member) of an Associated Society of ISPP, please send your proposal to me, Prof M Lodovica Gullino ( as Chair of the Nomination Committee. Otherwise, please send your proposal through a representative of an Associated Society (see  

SEND NAMES AND FULL CONTACT DETAILS (including e-mail addresses). You must also provide evidence of each nominee's willingness to serve if elected. Nominations should be received by (20 April 2017).  

The ISPP (founded in 1968) is the representative international body of plant pathology societies. It is a member of the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS), the International Union of Microbiological Sciences (IUMS), and has liaison with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). INFORMATION ABOUT ISPP can be found at including the current membership of the Executive Committee. The Objectives & Structure include the full Statutes and Rules of Procedure.  

Those elected to office in the ISPP Executive Committee enjoy responsibility and status in the discipline of plant pathology. They are unpaid. They should expect to commit significant effort to their office, and be rewarded with the satisfaction of having the potential to make an important contribution to their discipline.  

I look forward to hearing from you.      

Prof M Lodovica Gullino
Immediate Past President,
International Society for Plant Pathology
Vice-President, 11th International Congress of Plant Pathology, Boston, 2018