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Associated Society and Organization Reports to the ISPP:
American Phytopathological Society  
APS Report 2003 - 2008       APS Report 2008-2013      APS Report 2013-2018
Arab Society for Plant Protection   -    
ASPP Report 2008-2013    ASPP Report 2014-2018  
Argentine Crop Protection Association   -   Asociación de protección de cultivos Argentina
Argentinean Society of Plant Pathologists   -   Asociaci√≥n Argentina de Fitopat√≥logos  
Asian Association of  Societies for Plant Pathology  
AASPP Report 2003-2008    AASPP Report 2008-2013    AASPP Report 2013-2018  
Association of Applied Biologists  
Australasian Plant Pathology Society  
APPS Report 2003-2008            APPS Report 2008-2013          APPS Repoprt 2013-2018  
Bangladesh Phytopathological Society  
Belarussian Phytopathological Society   -    
Belgian Society for Crop Protection  
Brazilian Society for Plant Pathology   -   Sociedade Brasileira de Fitopatologia  
BSPP Report 2013-2018  
British Society for Plant Pathology  
BSPP Report 2003 - 2008          BSPP Report 2008-2013         BSPP Report 2013-2018  
Canadian Phytopathological Society   -   La Société Canadienne de Phytopathologie  
CPS Report 2003 - 2008          CPS Report 2008-2013  
Caribbean Society for Plant Protection  
Chilean Society for Phytopathology  
Chinese Society for Plant Pathology   -    
CSPP Report 2013-2018  
China Taiwan Phytopathological Societ   -     
Colombian Association for Phytopathology  
Czech Society for Plant Pathology  
Report 2008-2013 (CSPP Poster)      CSPP Report 2013-2018    Wild Plant Pathosystems 2013 (proceedings and abstracts)  
Danish Society for Plant Diseases and Pest   -   Dansk Selskab for Plantesygdomme og Skadedyr  
DSPDP report 2013-2018
Ethiopian Crop Protection Society  
Egyptian Phytopathological Society        
European Foundation for Plant Pathology  
Finnish Plant Protection Society   -   Kasvinsuojeluseura Ry  
French Society for Phytopathology   -   Société Française de Phytopathologie  
FSP Report 2003 - 2008        FSP Report 2008-2013         FSP Report 2013-2018  
German Society for Plant Protection and Plant Health r.S.   -   Deutschen Phytomedizinischen Gesellschaft e.V.  
GPG Report 2003 - 2008    GPG Report 2013-2018  
Greek Phytopathological Society   -    
HPS Report 2003 - 2008  
Hungarian Society for Plant Pathology  
Indian Phytopathological Society  
IPS Report 2008-2013    IPS Report 2013-2018  
Indian Society of Mycology and Plant Pathology  
Indonesian Phytopathological Society  
Irish Society of Plant Pathologists  
Iranian Phytopathological Society  
IPS Report 2003 - 2008       
Israeli Phytopathological Society  
IPS Report 2008-2013   IPS Report 2013-2018  
Italian Association for Plant Protection   -   Associazione Italiana Per La Protezione Delle Piante  
IAPP Report 2003 - 2008   IAPP Report 2013-2018  
Italian Phytopathological Society   -   Società Italiana di Patologia Vegetale  
IPS Report 2008-2013    IPS Report 2013-2018  
Japanese Phytopathological Society   -    
PSJ Report 2003 - 2008          PSJ Report 2008-2013             PSJ Report 2013-2018  
Kenyan Plant Pathology Society  
Korean Society of Plant Pathology   -    
KSPP Report 2008-2013      KSPP Report 2013-2018  
Kyrgyz Society for Plant Pathology  
Latin American Association for Phytopathology  
ALF Report 2003 - 2008  
Moroccan Association for Plant Protection  
Malaysian Plant Protection Society  
Mediterranean Phytopathological Union  
MPU Report 2003 - 2008    MPU Report 2008-2013       MPU Report 2013-2018  
Mexican Society for Phytopathology  
Netherlands Society of Plant Pathology   -   Koninklijke Nederlandse Plantenziektekundige Vereniging  
KNPV Report 2008-2013        KNPV Report 2013-2018  
Nigerian Society for Plant Protection  
NSPP Report 2008-2013  Report to ISPP 2013-2018  
Norwegian Society for Plant Pathology  
Pakistan Phytopathological Society  
PPS Report 2008-2013   PPS Report 2013-2018  
Peruvian Association for Phytopathology  
History of the Peruvian Association for Phytopathology   El Desarrollo De La FitopatologiaEn El Peru Mont  
Philippine Phytopathological Society  
PPS Report 2003 - 2008      PPS Report 2008-2013     PPS Report 3013-2018
Polish Phytopathological Society  
PPS Report 2013-2018  
Portuguese Phytopathological Society   -   Sociedade Portuguesa de Fitopatologia  
Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants  
QSPP Report 2013-2018  
Russian Phytopathological Society  
Singaporean Plant Protection Society  
SPPS Report 2008-2013    SPPS Report 2013-2018  
Spanish Society for Phytopathology   -   Sociedad Espanola de Fitopatología  
SSP Report 2008-2013     SSP Report 2013-2018  
Southern African Society for Plant Pathology  
SASPP Report 2003 - 2008      SASPP Report 2008-2013      SASPP Report 2013-2018  
Sudanese Society for Plant Pathology  
Swedish Society for Plant Pathology  
Swiss Society for Phytiatry  
Sri Lanka Association for Mycology and Plant Pathology  
Thai Phytopathological Society  
Report 2003 - 2008     TPS Report 2013-2018  
Uruguayan Phytopathological Society  
UPS Report 2013-2018  
Venezuelan Society for Phytopathology