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Report to ISPP from an Associated Society for 2003-2008.



Report to ISPP from Asian Association of Societies for Plant Pathology for 2003-2008.

Name of Society. Asian Association of Societies for Plant Pathology (AASPP) Established: August 2000

Web address for Society. Under the construction

Names of personnel preparing report: Prof. Han Cheng-Gui Secretary General Dr. Zhang Li-Qun Secretariat office manager

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Society Contact: Prof. Susamto Somowiyarjo Prof. Han Cheng-Gui Dr. Zhang Li-qun

Society membership. ……members in 2006: eleven national societies…….members in 2007: ten national societies…..members in 2008: ten national societies. The Association now includes 10 members of national socities: Isreali Society, Australasian Plant Pathology Society, Chinese Society for Plant Pathology, Indian Society of Plant Pathologist, Korean Society of Plant Pathology, Malaysian Society of Plant Pathology, Pakistan Society of Plant Pathology, Plant Protection Society of Singapore, Phytopathological Society of Japan, Sri Lanka Society, Thailand Society of Plant Pathology.

Report for 2003-2008. Since establishment of Asian Association of Societies for Plant Pathology at the end of 1st ACPP held in August 2000 in Beijing, seven years have been past. During the period, the main executive work is summarized below:

1. The venue of 2nd ACPP: In 2000, AASPP House of Delegates decided that Indonesian Phytopathological Society host the 2nd Asian Conference on Plant Pathology (ACPP) in Bali, Indonesia. Due to bombing made by terrorism in Bali in 2002, some colleagues expressed their concern about the situation. Secretariat reported the information to House of Delegates for consideration. House of Delegates had a meeting in the evening Feb. 2 in Christchurch, NZ, which was chaired by Prof. Kunoh, the Vice President of AASPP and Secretary General. Several issues have been reviewed, particularly the venue of 2nd ACPP. The House of Delegates formally expressed its full support to the Indonesian Phytopathological Society for hosting the Second ACPP in 2004. Since Bali was a sensitive place at that period, it was decided to suggest to change the venue from Bali to Singapore. Indonesian society will organize the 3rd ACPP without voting. Later on this suggestion was kindly adopted by Indonesian society and Singapore Society. Prof. Hadi said in his letter: "I fully support the idea of changing the venue of the coming ACPP to become Singapore instead of Bali. I hope that later the conditions in Bali will be much better, so that the next ACPP could be held there, and our friends could enjoy the country side and the culture of Bali."

2. Date of 2nd ACPP: The date of 2nd ACPP supposed to be held in 2004, one year after of the 8th International Congress on Plant Pathology. Singapore Plant Protection Society actively prepared for the 2nd ACPP. Unfortunately, the SARS prevailed in Asian region including Singapore. Singapore government made a strict regulation for visitors. Dr. Wong followed up the situation and suggested that the 2nd ACPP could hold at end of 2004. However, facilities of the university, particularly accommodation can not fully use by the conference. In the case, participants have to spend much more money comparing summer holiday in the university. Another choice was 25-28 June 2005. Secretariat circulated this information to House of Delegates. Based on free back information, the House of Delegates chose this time to hold 2nd ACPP. During this time, Singapore Plant Protection Society kept contacting with House of Delegates of AASPP and worked very hard for preparation of the conference. Finally, the information of 2nd ACPP was announced in April, 2004.

3. AASPP Organization: Six Societies of AASPP component societies recommended their representatives in the new House of Delegates, and provided a smooth approach to communicate between members of House of Delegates. AASPP was accepted as the Regional organization of ISPP.

4. Working group for preparation of publish journal: During first ACPP, organizers of AASPP and ACPP recognized it is better to publish a journal meeting requirement of Asian plant pathologists. Secretariat invited Dr. Yang Xiaobing as head of the preparation group. The group worked for several months and found that the problems of budget, characteristics of the journal and right reviewers should be considered by House of Delegates.

5. The 2nd Asian conference on plant pathology: The 2nd ACPP was organized by the Plant Protection Society of Singapore and held in National University of Singapore during 25-28 June, 2005. Totally 240 plant pathologists from 29 countries and regions attended the conference and presented their oral speeches in 10 concurrent sessions, and 150 posters were presented in the post session. The local organizing committee published a proceedings of 112 pages, including 246 abstracts. In the second ACPP, House of Delegates revised AASPP Constitution and announced to have 3rd ACPP in Indonesia.

6. The 3rd Asian Conference on Plant Pathology: The 3rd ACPP was organized by the Indonesian Phytopathological Society and held in Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 20-23 August 2007. The theme of this conference is "The role of plant pathology in rapidly globalizing economic of Asia" and attended by 176 plant pathologists from 19 countries of Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Germany. 97 delegates including 6 invited speakers presented their oral speeches in 11 concurrent sessions, and 38 posters were presented in the post session. The local organizing committee published a proceedings of 344 pages, including 206 extended summaries.

In order to preparation of 3rd ACPP, Wong Sekman (AASPP President) and Tang Wenhua (Secretary General) visited Organizing Committee of 3rd ACPP in Jogyakarta, Indonesia in February, 2007.

3rd House of Delegates was organized and Executive Team of House of Delegates was elected. House of Delegates meeting was held in Jojyakarta, Indonesia. The Darwen, Australia was voted by House of Delegates as 4th venue of ACPP. Australasian Phytopathological Society is host society.

· Other plant pathology conferences in Region.. · Plant Pathology in Region. A brief update about overarching issues affecting plant pathology in region served by the Society)

The main contribution of the Association was summarized as following points: (1) Promoting scientific information exchange. Participants of 2nd ACPP came from 29 Countries of the world. Participants of 3rd ACPP come from 19 Countries of the world. No matter the participants came form Asian region or other continents, they know the situation each other in the area of they are interested in the field of plant pathology. (2) Provide conference participants chances to know more scientists who have common interesting and create possibility to cooperate each other. (3) AASPP encouraged the establishment of two national societies: Plant Protection Society of Singapore and Sri Lanka Phytopathological Society. (4) Encourage members of the association to participate activities organized by ISPP. · · Funding opportunities Contribution of the association ·

Plant pathology in the Region Served by the Society 2003-2008

Based on the presentations provided by participants in ACPP, the following areas are attractive to the scientists to work for: (1) Fungus an virus diseases in general. (2) Rice diseases (3) New diseases in a particular country and region (4) Biological control of soilborne and postharvest diseases (5) Molecular plant pathology and host-parasite interection (6) Chemical control