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The Global Plant Health Assessment  

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The Global Plant Health Assessment (GPHA) conducted under the aegis of the ISPP has mobilised about 100 scientists all over the world who generated reports on the state and evolution of plant health and its impact on ecosystem services (provisioning, regulating, cultural). Twenty-six reports have been produced, which enable an assessment based on the available literature. These reports address forests, urban vegetation, peri-urban horticulture and household gardens, as well as agricultural systems across Ecoregions of the world.

The 26 reports are assembled in a book, together with a description of the context and procedure involved in the GPHA. The GPHA book is available under two formats: pdf and e-pub. The GPHA book provides a global resource describing the state of plant health across Ecoregions and Plant Systems of the world. The GPHA book is a resource for research, education, and policy purposes.

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