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Jakob Eriksson Prize
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Selection process for the Jakob Eriksson Prize
In the years leading up to the International Congress of Plant Pathology, the Executive of the ISPP (with the call advertised through the ISPP newsletter and the website) in consultation with the Prize Commission will call for nominations of candidates of distinction in research in mycology, in plant pathology, or in virus diseases, or of a particular publication or other seminal achievements in such subjects, with the understanding that the work being recognized is of a distinct international value and merit.

All nominations are to be sent to the Chair of the Prize Commission, in an email headed “Jakob Eriksson Prize Nomination” (send the email to with a c.c. to the ISPP Business Manager

Following the call for, and receipt of the nominations by the due date (call at least 24 months before, close of nominations at least 18 months before the Congress) the Chair and members of the Commission will liaise as necessary in order to make a recommendation to the ISPP on the award of the Prize. Normally, the Committee of Experts considering the nominations will also be the members of the Prize Commission with additional expertise invited by the Commission Chair to join the Committee should individual Commission members be unavailable.
  1. The Jakob Eriksson Prize Commission, in consultation with the Executive of ISPP, will independently undertake the selection processes to enable a recommendation of the Jakob Eriksson Prize recipient at least one year before each International Congress of Plant Pathology.
  2. The Chair of the Commission will advise the ISPP President of the Commission’s recommendation, and after appropriate deliberation, the President of the ISPP will invite the successful nominee to accept the award.
The Prize Ceremony
  1. The participation of the Jakob Eriksson Prize recipient in the International Congress of Plant Pathology will be facilitated by the ISPP and the Congress Organisers. Normally this will include complementary Congress registration and attendance at Congress social functions, return economy travel to the Congress and some support for accommodation and reasonable expenses for the duration of the Congress.
  2. The Prize Ceremony will be planned by the ISPP in consultation with the Prize recipient, the Commission Chair and the Congress Organisers.
  3. As part of the Prize Ceremony, the Prize recipient will also be invited to briefly present their work at the Congress as The Jakob Eriksson Oration with scope and coverage in a style suitable for a more general audience.
  4. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences will provide the Jakob Eriksson gold medal together with a suitable certificate.