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Announcement of the venue for the 12th International Congress of Plant Pathology

One of the objectives of the International Society for Plant Pathology is to "sponsor a series of International Congresses of Plant Pathology", normally at intervals of 5 years.  

Selection of the location and date of each Congress is the responsibility of ISPP's Council, at least 5 years in advance. The locations selected to date, since the 1st Congress in 1968, are listed below. The Council consists of representatives of the ISPP Associated Societies (see  

This selection process for the Congress in 2023 (ICPP2023) has now been completed.  

All bodies on ISPP Council were invited in April 2016 to consider presenting bids for the 2023 Congress. They were asked to give consideration to the criteria necessary for a Congress site, including modern facilities to accommodate 2000 scientists and their families for diverse living and meeting activities, easy access, and opportunities for appealing scientific tours and tourist activities. They were also asked to show that they would assume technical and financial responsibility for the Congress, organized in close consultation with the ISPP Executive and the involvement of ISPP Subject Matter Committees, and to include evidence of support for delegates with limited resources.  

A number of national or regional plant pathology societies considered bidding, and discussed the process with ISPP. Four bids were received, from:  

France, sponsored by the French Society for Phytopathology (SFP), to be held in Lyon, France from 20-25 August 2023.  

India, sponsored by the Indian Phytopathological Society (IPS), to be held in Dehli, India.   

The Netherlands, sponsored by the Netherlands Society for Plant Pathology (KNPV), to be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands from August 20-26, 2023.  

Thailand sponsored by the Thai Phytpathological Society.

Details of the bids were made available to Council Members on the ISPP website, and these Members were encouraged to examine them and consider their merits.  

Council Members were then invited to express their preference in a two-stage vote. After the first round vote, which ended on 31 October 2023, Councilors were asked to select between the bids of the two societies which had received most votes – The French Society for Phytopathology and the Royal Netherlands Society for Plant Pathology. The second round vote ended on 29 November 2016.  

The RESULT of the vote was announced on 30 November, 2016. It is now reported at  and will be formally announced at the 11th Congress, to be held in Boston Massachusetts, USA July 29-August 3 2018.  

This result determines that the 12th International Congress of Plant Pathology will be held in Lyon France, sponsored by the French Society for Phytopathology (SFP).  


The locations selected to date for International Congresses of Plant Pathology are:
1968, 1st  Congress: London, UK 1973, 2nd  Congress: Minneapolis, USA 1978, 3rd  Congress: Munich, Germany
1983, 4th  Congress: Melbourne, Australia
1988, 5th Congress: Kyoto, Japan
1993, 6th  Congress: Montreal, Canada
1998, 7th  Congress: Edinburgh, UK
2003, 8th  Congress: Christchurch, New Zealand
2008, 9th Congress: Torino, Italy
2013, 10th Congress: Beijing, China
2018, 11th Congress: Boston, USA