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On-line from May 15th to June 4th, 2006


About the Symposium

This ISPP symposium was an opportunity for plant pathology teachers, no matter where they were in the world, to share their ideas, tips and techniques.

Each week as indicated, the papers listed were made available for viewing and discussion. Also a weekly forum was opened on the topics indicated. At the end of each week, discussion closed and a new set of papers and a new forum went live.

The symposium is now closed but will remain at this address as an archive for the foreseeable future. You are welcome to read the papers and the (now read-only) discussion. Please be aware that URLS listed in the papers or discussion were current at the time of the symposium, but these may, over time, become broken. However, an email to the author or contributor should point you to any updates.

Official Time Zone

Dates and times during the Symposium were in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The time and date stamped next to a contribution in the paper discussions or forums is in GMT.


May 15th to 21st


Theme: Learning Theory

Relationships Between Students’ Learning Styles and Their Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Different Instructional Formats and Media by Cleora J. D’Arcy and Darin M. Eastburn (shortcut to discussion)
Development of Cognitive Skills Using an Inquiry-Based Approach to Teaching Disease Cycles by Sharon Yelton and Paul Vincelli (shortcut to discussion)

Theme: Tools and Technology - Part 1

Student Perceptions of the Use of a Personal Response Device in a Large Lecture Class by Cleora J. D’Arcy, Darin M. Eastburn and Katy Mullally (shortcut to discussion)
Enriching Classes Using the News Media by Gail Schumann (shortcut to discussion)
Moderator: David Guest 

What are the current challenges in teaching plant pathology, and how do we meet them?

Moderated by Cleora D'Arcy

May 22nd to 29th  

Theme: Tools and Technology - Part 2

Training in Plant Disease Diagnosis using CHALLENGE FRAP. A tool for guiding, reporting and reflection by Victor J. Galea and Terry M. Stewart (shortcut to discussion)
Student-Centered Learning Techniques to Convey Plant Pathology Concepts to Pre-College Teachers by Elizabeth Little (shortcut to discussion)
Using Case Studies to Teach Plant Pathology by Melissa Riley (shortcut to discussion)
Enhanced Learning through Role-Playing by Gail Schumann (shortcut to discussion)
Moderator: Daniel Adrián Ducasse

What should every plant pathologist be taught?

Moderated by Gail Schumann

May 29th to June 4th  

Theme: Distance Education/Curricular Issues

Digital Databases and Web Tools to Support Teaching and Extension of Plant Pathology in Brazil by Emerson Del Ponte and Valmir Duarte (shortcut to discussion)
Virtual Plant Pathology Lab CD-ROM: A Tool to Support Plant Pathology Diagnostics Learning for Distance Education by Victor J. Galea (shortcut to discussion)
Teaching Plant Pathology in a Changing World by Liyun Guo and Jianqiang Li (shortcut to discussion)
The Virtual Plant Pathology Faculty: Developing an Australasian Plant Pathology Curriculum by John Irwin, Sue McKell and David Guest (shortcut to discussion)
Moderator: Darin Eastburn

Practical work: How much can "virtual" replace "actual"? Pros and cons?

Moderated by Jianqiang Li

Closing Statement by Terry Stewart

General Discussion: Any issues related to this symposium not covered above.

Moderated by Terry Stewart

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