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  Constitution of Asian Association of Societies for Plant Pathology  

Amended at the House of Delegates meeting, Chiang Mai, 4 November 2014


Chapter 1: General Rules


Article 1: This Association, an organization of Societies related to Plant Pathology in Asia, shall be named the Asian Association of Societies for Plant Pathology and shall be hereafter referred to AASPP.

Article 2: The objective of the AASPP is to promote the increase and diffusion of all aspects of knowledge relating to plant diseases and their control in Asian countries.

Article 3: The AASPP shall pursue the following undertakings to achieve its objective:

(1) To promote the development of plant pathology.

(2) To promote the exchange of scientific information.

(3) To promote cooperation among members of Societies registered in AASPP.

(4) To encourage plant pathologists in Asia to participate in the activities of International Society for Plant Pathology.

(5) To host an Asian Conference of Plant Pathology.

(6) Other undertakings necessary for the attainment of the objective of the AASPP.

Article 4: The AASPP shall establish a Standing Secretariat. The tenure for this appointment is for two terms.


Chapter 2: Membership


Article 5: The AASPP shall consist of Regular Member Societies related to Plant Pathology in countries in Asia or Oceania and Sustaining Members, an individual or an organization who, on accepting the Association’s objective, joins the Association and pays the sustaining membership fee. Individuals who wish to join the Association shall be accepted if their Societies were not registered as a Constituent Member of the AASPP. The House of Delegates will decide the membership fee.

Article 6: An individual or an organization willing to join the Association must complete the application form and submit it to the President, with the membership fee for one year, to obtain his or her approval.

Article 7: The qualification of Societies, individuals, or organizations for membership and membership fees for the AASPP shall be determined by the House of Delegates through voting.


Chapter 3: House of Delegates


Article 8: The House of Delegates shall be legislative and policy making body of the AASPP.

Article 9: Each Constituent Society of the AASPP shall have a right to appoint one representative to serve in the House of Delegates of AASPP.

Article 10: Each delegate appointed by the Constituent Societies shall have a right to vote and raise questions to the House.

Article 11: The President of a Constituent Member Societies, who is not a delegate, shall be admitted to speak to the House, but has no right to vote.

Article 12: Members of the House of Delegates shall meet and discuss matters related to the activities of AASPP when Conference, Symposium, or Workshop approved by the Association was held. Members of House of Delegates shall serve no more than two consecutive terms. Each term will coincide with the House of Delegates meeting held at an ACPP.


Chapter 4: Officers and Committee Members


Article 13: The Officers of the AASPP shall consist of the President, Past-President two Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer, and they shall serve in respective function in the House of Delegates.

Article 14: The Vice President who hosts the Conference shall become the next President of AASPP. The President of a society designating, who will host the next Conference shall be appointed as Vice President. The vice President who assists the President and Treasurer shall be voted by the House of Delegates. The President shall appoint the Secretary General.

Article 15: Only the member of the Constituent Societies shall be eligible for any officer.

Article 16: The President shall organize Special Committee that is deemed necessary for pursuing the objective of the AASPP.


Chapter 5: Meetings


Article 17: The AASPP shall support the Asian Conference of Plant Pathology that will be held every 3 years.

Article 18: The AASPP shall support or organize other scientific meetings, symposia or workshops approved by the House of Delegates.

Article 19: The official language of AASPP shall be English.



1. This constitution shall be adopted on August 26, 2000, and shall be amended by more than two-third of votes by the House of Delegates.

2. The Constitution was amended by House of Delegates on June 25, 2005, and on 4 November 2014.

3. House of Delegates owns explanation right of the document.

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