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Editor: Daniel Huberli

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May   2021   Vol: 51   Num: 5  

In this issue:

CALL for bids to host the 13th International Congress of Plant Pathology, ICPP2028 
Plant Diseases and Food Security in the 21st Century 
In honor of John Bissett: authoritative guidelines on molecular identification of Trichoderma 
Emerging Plant Diseases and Global Food Security – New book 
Bacteria help plants grow better 
Viruses in cucurbit seeds from on-line mail-order providers 
Potato late blight in Asia: Phytophthora infestans over a century and a half 
Antibiotics protect apples from fire blight, but do they destroy the native microbiome? 
The International Society for Plant Pathology (ISPP) proposes a code of ethics for plant health emergencies 
Student view: Making a difference in the food we eat 
Current Vacancies 
Coming Events