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Plant Quarantine and Biosecurity

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Shuifang Zhu, Chair of SMC Plant Quarantine and Biosecurity

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Current membership

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Dr. Shuifang Zhu, China,  


Dr. Simon McKirdy,

Dr. Marina Barba, Italy,

Dr. James Stack,  



Dr. Shashi Sharma, Australia, 

Dr. Sean Li,

Dr. Marlene Rosales, 

Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, Egypt 

Dr. Dattaraj B. Parakh, India, (Secretary)

Dr. Wan Normah Wan Ismail, Malaysia

Dr. Alexander Kovach, RussiaTel./fax: +7(4212) 74-95-21

Dr. Jacqueline Fletcher,

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Dr. Xubin Pan, China, (Secretary)


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We also establish a Google Group for our SMC, Dr. Xubin Pan is now an assistant to manage this web page and mailing list.!forum/plant_quarantine_biosecurity

Committee Meetings:

·         August 26, 2013

Committee Activities:

·         Organize a concurrent session in the ICPP 2013 Conference.

Subject Matter Committee focus issues:

·         Plant Quarantine

·         Biosecurity

Additional work identified:

·         Co-Organize a session in the CABI 2013 International Congress on Biological Invasions

·         Co-Write a book named “Plant Quarantine (in Chinese)”

Submitted by

 (Shuifang Zhu)

(Chair of SMC Plant Quarantine and Biosecurity),

(Director General and Chief Scientist
Institute of Plant Quarantine
Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine

 Huixinli No.241, Huixinxijie, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029 P. R. China
Phone: 86-10-64896608, Fax: 86-10-64912743, Mobile: 13601106732