July 2013 Committee Report to the ISPP Executive and Council

Committee on the Forest Pathology Subject Matter Committee

Subject Matter Committee: Forest Pathology

Web address for SMC: none

Name(s) of personnel preparing report: Jolanda Roux, Chair Forest Pathology SMC


Nominated Officers: none

Current membership: Open membership

Committee Meetings: None

Committee Activities:

·          A forest pathologist photo album project was established. Photos of forest pathologists, past and present, can be found at http://www.fabinet.up.ac.za/hosted/fpepg/index.html

·          Forpath list server moved to IUFRO (http://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-7/70000/70200/mailing-list/) since Prof. Dale Bergdahl has retired.

·          Contributions to ISPP newsletter

·          Organized double session at 2013 World Congress in Beijing

·          Organized Forest Health Field tour over three days for 2013 World Congress in Beijing

Subject Matter Committee focus issues:

·          Movement of forest pathogens in life plant trade – “plants for planting”

·          Climate change and tree health

·          Fungal taxonomy – One fungus, one name


Additional work identified: Establishment of committee, election of new chair

Submitted by: Prof. Jolanda Roux, Chair Forest Pathology Subject matter committee


University of Pretoria, South Africa