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Editor: Daniel Huberli

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November   2018   Vol: 48   Num: 11  

In this issue:

Reminder about the ISPP Logo Survey 
Mathews Paret elected as Treasurer on the ISPP Executive Committee 
Why rational argument fails the genetic modification (GM) debate 
V International Symposium on Postharvest Pathology, Liège Belgium, 19-24 May 2019 
11th International Workshop on Grapevine Trunk Diseases, Penticton Canada, 7-12 July 2019 
International Workshop on the Fruit Microbiome: A New Frontier, Shepherdstown USA, 3-6 September 2019 
Publications from the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology 
Learn how to diagnose pests and diseases in the field with PestSmart 
Detection of Plant-Pathogenic Bacteria in Seed and Other Planting Material – new book 
Breakthrough in search for resistant banana varieties to the lethal bacterial banana wilt disease 
Genetically modified cotton could be human food source 
Complex factors can drive the emergence and evolution of plant pathogens