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Editor: Daniel Huberli

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August   2018   Vol: 48   Num: 8  

In this issue:

ICPP2018 – A pageant of progress in plant pathology 
Share your ICPP2018 experience on Instagram 
ISPP Fellows 2018 
Appointment of Andrea Masino as ISPP Business manager 
The World Directory of Plant Pathologists 
Obituary of Jacques Horsten, 1946-2018 
The launch of a new journal: Phytopathology Research 
Conventional farming impairs Rhizoctonia solani disease suppression 
Virus inhibits immune response of caterpillars and plants 
Linnean Medal awarded to Professor Sophien Kamoun 
Gene editing approach aims for broad disease resistance in staple food crops 
A global atlas of the dominant bacteria found in soil 
Structure of a plant geminivirus revealed using cryo-electron microscopy 
Proceedings of 8th IUFRO Phytophthora in Forests and Natural Ecosystems now published