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Report to ISPP from an Associated the Thai Phytopathological Society for 2003-2008.
Name of Society: The Thai .Phytopathological Society (TPPS) Established: 1979
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Name (s) of personnel preparing report.. Khunying Prapaisri Pitakpaiwan-President TPS (2005-2008), Wanphen Srithongchai , Piyarat Thammakijjawat and Nuchanart Tangchitsomkid

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Society Contact: Tharmmasak Sommartya Email
Society membership. 280…members in 2006; …302….members in 2007; 326..members in 2008.
Report for 2003-2008.  
Plant pathology in the Region Served by the Society 2003-2008.
● Training courses on basic knowledge of plant diseases was organized by TPPS and Prince of Songla University in the south of Thailand in 2003
● Pocket notebooks with color photos of disease symptoms including causal agents and control measures, produced in 2004.
Special meeting in 2004 on the topic of "Disaster…Tsunami" by President of Thai Tsunami Warning System.
● 25th Anniversary of TPPS was held in 2004, arrangement of honouring ceremony of 5 outstanding Thai Plant Pathologists. The published book "25th Anniversary of TPPS " was detailed in history of TPPS and the various interesting articles
● TPPS produced CDs of Rice Diseases, Fruit Crop Diseases, Ornamental Plant Diseases and Vegetable Diseases in 2005 which are useful for students, farmers, government officers and private sectors
● TPPS exhibition in "Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006 " held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 1 November 2006-31 January 2007.
● TPPS annual meeting in 2007, including the exhibition of plant disease photos.
● TPPS hosted the 8th National Plant Protection Conference, in Phitsanulok Province , in 20-22 November 2007 .including a photo contest in the topic of ‘ Plant Protection and Photography’
● TPPS published a handbook of ‘Glossary of Plant Pathology’ in 2007
(1 to 3 pages - A Summary high lighting issues of focus and achievements in plant pathology in the region during 2003-2008 and looking ahead to 2013)