International Society for Plant Pathology
(Professor Richard Falloon, President)
ISPP Report to ISPP from an Associated Society for 2003-2004
Name of Society. Mediterranean Phytopathological Union                              Established: 1962
Web address for Society:
Name (s) of personnel preparing report: K. Makkouk, MPU President; Giuseppe Surico (Secretary-Treasurer); Laura Mugnai (Contact person)
Nominated Officers.  Is the list for your society on the ISPP website correct?
YES, but the address of the President recently changed to:
Khaled M. Makkouk,
CNRS, P. O. Box 11-8281,
Riad El-Solh 1107 2260, Beirut, LEBANON
Telephone: +961-1-840260 ext. 414
Will a Society member be making corrections to the ISPP entry for your society on-line? Yes
Society Contact: Laura Mugnai                                     Email :
Society membership. 173 members in 2006; 179 members in 2007; 176 members in 2008
Report for 2003-2008.
Society Activities and publications. A brief background, and information about the aims and achievements of the MPU is given in the society website, with links to the journal published by MPU, to the MPU Newsletter and links to MPU activities.
The Society publishes in print and on-line, an international plant pathology journal, Phytopathologia Mediterranea (, and a Newsletter available only on-line in the MPU website. A lot of efforts in the Union has been recently devoted to promoting the journal and improving its quality and impact on the scietific community. An on-line edition has been created which very recently entered the Open Journal System, which improves a lot the access and indexing of the journal. It will soon allow (next October) a fully working on-line submission of papers. Having a good journal with an "Impact Factor" is considered an important achievement and necessary platform on which to create a common base for plant pathologists with a common interest in crops grown in regions with a Mediterranean climate. In this frame the journal has devoted special attention and space to diseases of one of the more typical crops in the area, grapevine. This is reflected in the coorganization of Workshops by MPU, and in the publication in Phytopathologia Mediterranea special sections and special issues dedicated to the subject.
Plant pathology in the Region Served by the Society 2003-2008
MPU uses the journal and the MPU congresses and satellite meetings as a way to stimulate and create contacts and spreading of information on research carried out in the area.