International Society for Plant Pathology

(Professor Richard Falloon, President)


Report to ISPP from an Associated Society for 2003-2008.


Name of Society. Iranian Phytopathological Society. (IPS)                  Established: 1962

Web address for Society.

Names of personnel preparing report. Mansoureh Mirabolfathy, Secretary (2006-2008)

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Society Contact: Mehrdad Abassi                              Email

Society membership. 538 members in 2006; 542 members in 2007; 553members in 2008.

Report for 2003-2008. (Add text here using the headings as a guide…) (half a page)


Plant pathology in the Region Served by the Society 2003-2008

(1 to 3 pages - A Summary high lighting issues of focus and achievements in plant pathology in the region during 2003-2008 and looking ahead to 2013)