International Society for Plant Pathology

(Professor Richard Falloon, President)


Report to ISPP from Hellenic Society for 2003-2008.


Name of Society. Hellenic Phytopathological Society. (HPS)                          Established: 1976

Web address for Society.

Names of personnel preparing report. Epaminondas Paplomatas–HPS President (2006-2008), Anna Assimakopoulou –HPS Secretary (2006-2008)

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Society Contact: Epaminondas Paplomatas Email

Society membership. 161 members in 2006; 162 members in 2007; 155 members in 2008.

Report for 2003-2008.

Society Activities and publications. A brief background, and information about the aims and achievements of the Hellenic Phytopathological Society and links to Society publications, are detailed on the Society Website. The Society publishes the Abstracts of Papers presented at the biennial National Congress (organized by the HPS) in Phytopathologia Mediterranea and Special Scientific Review Articles (in Greek) on important plant pathology topics, written by HPS members. Also, members of the HPS are preparing the "Complete English-Greek Dictionary of Plant Pathology Terms" that will be published by the Society.

Plant pathology in the Region Served by the Society 2003-2008